Témoignage de M Holly Hill


When the germans launched  their armoured attack in 1940, my regiment, witch was a Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, was deployed in the defence of airfields in the area of Rheims, in North Eastern France.


Our equipment was 3 inch anti-aircraft guns, which were relics  of World War 1, and for small arms we had one “Lee Enfield” rifle for every 25 men, which were also relics from World War 1. it was obvious that we were not calculated to offer munch resistance to any armed forces !! Our regiment was a Territorial Regiment, formed from Bank and Insurance Company employees and brought up to full strength by the addition of untrained “Hore Belisha” conscripted men, in preparation to join the British Expeditionary Force.


The Air Force were equipped with “Fairy Battle” planes, which had no armament capable of offering munch resistance against the German Air Force, but were piloted by some very brave men.


The German attack cut us off, preventing any possibility of us reaching the North Coast of France so we were unable to join the main British Forces, who suffered such a terrible time at Dunkirk.


At this time I was driving a 3 ton Bedford Lorry. I had become tired of digging holes to sink Nissen Huts below the line of fire of the guns and had managed to transfer  to driving duties. When the german attack came we were ordered to destroy some French bridges, but, when we arrived there, the French Army were in position and said that they didn’t want them destroyed.